Do any websites exist that tell you if a japanese sentence is correct grammatically?

I’ve been trying to make Japanese sentences as of late to practice grammar, mostly using nihonschock’s sheets and any other information I can find on the internet. Up until now I’ve just been using Google translate to go from Japanese to English and see if it makes sense. It’s google translate so it’s probably not entirely reliable here lol, so I wanted to know: are there any websites that I can put a japanese sentence into, and have it tell me whether it’s a valid sentence?

Japanese is not a formal language, so there will be no automatic checks. But you could use a service where a native looks at your text and explains the mistakes, there are some listed in the resource thread.


If that existed it would solve the most fundamental problem in computational linguistics (and really computation and psychology generally… how our human intention and congnition is encoded in language).

So no.

You can ask on hi-native or italki tho…

There is another reason that you want to actually ask natives these questions (or use native sources as your models for language use…tv, books, songs, etc)

You can think of a set of all the sentences in japanese that are grammatically correct. And then think about the set of sentences that ppl would actually say. The second set is WAYWAYWAY smaller. So a sentence being grammatically correct is not a super useful piece of information. You can find that information out for yourself with a grammar dictionary. The useful information is how japanese ppl use japanese to express something. That is the information you want to look for.


I use the app HiNative. Most of the time I get a pretty quick response from native speakers when I post my sentences. They will let you know if the sentence sounds natural and usually make corrects if needed.

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