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みなさん こんにちは、
I am currently looking for a reliable and good app/site that I can use to translate sentences more accurately, I have mainly been using Google translate, but as my level of Japanese is getting higher I find that GT is not providing me with the most accurate of translations.
So knowing this and to this end I would be interested in some feed back on what you gurus are using or would like to recommend.


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Can try things like HelloTalk or HiNative to have native speakers translate for you.

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I don’t think you’re likely to find a machine translation tool better than Google translate. You’d need to hire a human translator. Isn’t the point of learning a language that you should become able to read it on your own? If your level of Japanese is getting higher, then I’d recommend leaving machine translation behind and opting for something more flexible like dictionaries or grammar resources. If you need help understanding sentences, you can always ask people and see if they can help. If you want to test your ability to write sentences properly, apps like HelloTalk can be useful to get human feedback on your sentences from native speakers.


Japanese and English are quite different in sentence structure and all that, besides the major role context plays in order to understand a Japanese sentence. For these reasons (and probably others), most machine translation of sentences more complex than the absolute basic are going to leave a lot behind and be inaccurate. Like suggested, you’re better off asking real people for help or just trying it on your own (using a dictionary).


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