Anybody have online resources for writing/reading Japanese sentences!

I am looking for something online (preferably free) where I am challenged to read/write and understand Japanese sentences or paragraphs. Hopefully this would come with a correction tool as well so I can improve when I make mistakes. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

Sounds like lang-8 would be what you want, though you have to motivate yourself and choose your own topics, it won’t guide you. But they had a long stretch of not accepting new users, and that might still be going. Hinative is another site that can handle correction for short sentences and whatnot, in addition to other types of questions, but not the long form stuff that lang-8 was designed for.

Satori Reader is a great help for reading, so is NHK news easy. Satori Reader has a subscription of $12.00

Similar to Lang-8 and crossed with Facebook a little, you can try HelloTalk on your phone. (It’s mobile only.)

I would suggest based on your level you can start reading NHK Web Easy and look up any words you don’t know. I do this alongside the web extension rikaigu to look up words I don’t know/can’t work out on my own.

Some other things I use are:-

Highlighting plugin
Hiding context sentences
Wanikani Context Senteces added to reviews

You can practice your hand-writing through your grammar studies or for writing in general Hello Talk is good as native speakers can advise you. I hand write sentences to drill in new particles using words I have learnt on WK - particularly for conjugating verbs.

Also there are quite a few threads on this topic already which you should read:-


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