Distortion on 敗

Doing reviews just now, there was a strange distortion on the 敗 kanji . I know it’s not my monitor.

If you check Kanjipedia, you’ll see that one of the more obscure meanings for this character is “inter-dimensional wormhole” and they advise against studying it between midnight and 3:00AM Japan time.


Was hoping that was a rick roll

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here you go


@kinakohime, if you can provide a screenshot, people might be able to give a little more help.


I didn’t realize @KinakoHime was actually asking for help. :sweat_smile:

Screenshot would definitely help.

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It’s not even clear there was a “problem” per se.

Had to wait until it came back up in my reviews. This doesn’t happen on any other kanji/word/etc.

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Not just you, I guess.

edit: What browser do you use?
edit2: Is it Chrome 48+?
edit3: If it’s a very recently updated Chrome, apparently there are text rendering issues affecting a lot of users right now, so that should be fixed, I guess when Chrome 70 is out ? https://techdows.com/2018/09/google-is-working-to-fix-fonts-blurry-issue-in-chrome-69-update.html

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Yes recently update Chrome so I bet that’s it.

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