Displaying Furigana in the Genki Anki deck?

Hey guys, just wondering how I can make Anki display the Furigana in the box above the kanji? For example. If you click on the link I posted, you can see that there is a small box above the kanji. On my laptop if I highlight that area with my mouse it will display the hiragana reading for said Kanji. However I have no idea how to display the Hiragana on my phone (which that photo was taken with)

Thanks in advance!

Anki has some cool features for furigana, here’s a video describing some of them. Perhaps check the settings for how your deck is created. I use kanji with furigana on both my computer and iOS and it syncs between the two fine. It could be that you have some mouseover css for the cards that iOS doesn’t have a good way of interacting with. What I usually do is have the fronts of my cards contain just the kanji, and the backs contain the full furigana.

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