Furigana turning into full hiragana in anki

Hello, everyone !
I’m just creating this topic because I realised that every anki card I create using Yomichan stopped being displayed as kanji with furigana, they’re now just hiragana !
What I don’t understand is that in the card, the expression have the kanji so it’s not yomichan’s fault, but my old cards display correctly with the exact same layout in the card display “programming”.
Anyone who saw this happen before ?

Are the old cards and new cards of the same note and card types?

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Yep, the exact same

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So no one has any idea ? :confused:

Could you post a screenshot of the card layout? Other than that you can only guess…


I just noticed that the reason it doesn’t work anymore is that yomichan, when asked for the reading of a word, enter the reading in hiragana instead of kanji + furigana :confused:
And before someone asks, I used the big adding button on yomichan, not the one who only adds hiragana. Anyone had this problem before ?

Problem solved, yomichan changed by itself the part where i asked for furigana to reading, don’t know why :expressionless: Thanks to everyone who tried to help :smiley:

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