New Discourse menu changes

@viet @oldbonsai If you install this theme component for Discourse, users will be able to change the topic header on mobile back to the old version. While the new version nicely shows you the current topic’s title, it makes it hard to quickly see notifications, which is why being able to use the old version would be nice. Plus, it’s just a user setting, so it seems safe to install without negatively impacting anyone. Thanks!


I’ve installed the theme component.


I still don’t see the option in settings. Maybe there’s something else you have to do on your end?

Yeah I wasn’t seeing the option in User > Pref > Interface as well. Not sure what else I can do to display the option. Hosted Discourse boards have very limited customability options, so I am attributing it to this. But if you can point me in the right direction, then I can take a look.

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I just posted a question in the meta link I included in the first post. Feel free to follow up or clarify if my question there wasn’t clear.

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It works now. I had to add the theme component to each available theme.


Works great, thanks!

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(I confess I’m not a huge fan of how the the “suggested topics” list now includes the topic’s category on a new line. Means the suggested topics takes up twice as much screen space…)

Yes! Thank you!

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