Community Banner Size Too Large

Hi There, I just noticed that on iOS/Safari browsers, the community banner at the top has recently become enlarged. When I scroll down to view topics on the community center, the size of the banner expands and covers up parts of the page. I attached a screen shot to show you what I’m talking about. I don’t recall the banner ever doing this before…is there a setting I can mess with to adjust this? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Here’s another shot showing the banner covering up the post I just made above. It’s not a huge deal…but wanted to point this out in case it was a bug or error with the site rendering. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Hey HeyDuda32! We’ve gotten other users with the same problem (including myself) and we have escalated this issue to the engineers. We will be working on getting a fix out for it! :sunglasses:

-Nick at WK


Thank you–appreciate the quick reply!

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I made adjustments to both desktop and mobile. Please review the update and see if things have improved with the board’s image header on your end.


As always–you guys rock! I can confirm the issue is gone on both Mac OSX 12.5.1 Safari 15.6.1, and on mobile iOS 15.6.1.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Goodbye, big Crabigator. Gone, but not forgotten. :pensive:

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But the icon for the Android app is too small now :x


“Too big.” “Too small.”

It’s never enough with you people.


It seems like the circle top left when browsing the forum is also smaller on mobile now :sweat_smile:

Odd. The images themselves have not changed. The only thing that changed for the fix is the CSS, which shouldn’t have affected the bookmarking; it is sourcing the same images as before.

Discourse consistently does updates to the boards, which triggered the issue in the first place. I wonder whatever they changed affected the asset used for bookmarks (different asset than what is used for the header).


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