Difference in “To Correct”

What is the difference between tadasu and naosu? And how are they used? Which is used when asking someone to correct one’s Japanese?

直す or 正す could both be used to talk about correcting a sentence.

Please correct my sentence

However, 直す can be used for mending and repairing physical things as well. That’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when I see 直す.

正す can’t be used for physical repairing.

直す can also be used as an auxiliary meaning “redo.”

やり直す - redo
書き直す - rewrite
言い直す - restate
作り直す - remake

The same word, なおす, can be used with a different kanji to mean “to cure” as well, when talking about health.



From my experience naosu is used more commonly in reference to fixing/redoing something. Say I submit a proposal and there are a few tweaks, I’d be asked to 直してください. It has a wider range of meaning, and covers all manner of fixing/redoing/correcting.

Tadasu is, I believe, more strictly to correct something that was wrong, and the only time I’ve heard it used is when being given back testing work where we were asked to check our wrong answers and to 正して if they were wrong.

Sorry if it’s not super clear, but that’s the floaty difference that exists in my head from experience!


Apologies for derailing the topic, but this font just broke me. I thought this was yet another character I didn’t know with a meaning just ever so slightly different from one I do.

I expected this:

Geez that looks different from what displays here (four verticals vs. three):

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.43.24 PM

I need to figure out what font that is and ensure I’ve configured the Jitai font randomizer user script to use it. Whimper.

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That’s the Chinese letter form – don’t use it! Apparently, the WaniKani forums aren’t properly configured to reliably force the Japanese version of its fonts…!

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I suspect it’s more likely a browser configuration issue on my end. According to the Chrome item inspector it’s using the “PingFang SC” font to render those characters.

I almost know how much I don’t know about the web, CJK encodings, browser rendering, etc. <laugh>

If I am interpreting the inspector correctly, I don’t think the page explicitly styles the font for those characters (just defaults to “Arial,sans-serif”).

It should be set to the Japanese one as long as it’s somewhere subordinate to an element with the lang="ja" attribute (or if the lang is unset and you’re configured for Japanese)! Which seems to be the case on my machine, at least.

I’m over my head here, but I resolved my issue with an admittedly brute force solution: I confgured Chrome on my mac to use Hiragano Sans as the sans-serif font.

I think the issue is that there is no enclosing element with lang="ja" and my mac is configured to use English first. I’m sure there is a stylesheet somewhere where I can tell it to pick Hiragano Sans before PingFang SC for CJK characters, but just brute forcing Hiragano even for English seems to suffice for my needs.

It should be enough to add Japanese as a preferred language in the browser settings. At least this was sufficient when I tested it last year.

By the way, my IME2Furigana userscript, that you installed yesterday, automatically adds the lang="ja-JP" attribute, so that it always uses a Japanese font: (なお)す.

Also, maybe this thread should be moved into another category – “Japanese Only” is intended for threads where we only write in Japanese. But don’t ask me which one is the correct category :laughing:
Probably just Japanese Language => Questions?


I’ve unintentionally hijacked this thread, apologies (I’ll let the OP move it out of Japanese Only).

Unfortunately, while I have Japanese as one of two languages in my chrome settings (English listed first) I still see the Chinese font for Leebo’s reply (if sans-serif is set to Arial in my Chrome settings).

Indeed, when I use your awesome script, I think MY replies do indeed get the correct language attribute, but confusingly that only takes effect after rendering.


See the left and right halves of this image (Chinese font in the editor, Japanese in the rendered view):

Anyway, I’ll let this thread die a natural death now. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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