Diary of a mad level 50'er

I’ve been posting the number of reviews I did each day.

I can’t read apparently :upside_down_face: I assume these are your daily final SRS numbers after reviewing. Nonetheless, good luck on your reviews!

I think there are alot of useful kanji/vocab in the 50s thus far though there are some outliers but they should be mostly in the scope of Joyo kanji. Some say the mnemonic quality is not as good but I don’t think so. If anything, the reading variation or special readings to many is actually less than other earlier levels which actually makes many vocab easier (minus some exceptions).

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I think the biggest problem is just the sheer volume of stuff to remember when you’re going through the lessons at double speed while also dealing with 50 levels worth of old leeches.

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I’m guessing you are looking to complete WK in under a year?
I thought that was a rare thing when I started but I see more and more users doing it and presumably not renewing their yearly accounts. I can see the benefits like moving on to other study areas while not dwelling here for years though it’s not for everyone (certainly the most economical :money_mouth_face:). But it’s a different goal though (completing lessons and/or completing burns); I think it’s great to see the variety of how WKiers use the system.


Yep, my currently plan is to only subscribe for a year. Although I have been thinking about subscribing for another month four months later just to see how many of the old Enlightened items I could burn.


Now that I’ve been recording my times for a whole week, I can do a weekly average. Over the last week, I’ve spent an average of just over 99 minutes per day.

November 20:
Level: 51
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 85 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 392
Accuracy: 81.63% (320/392)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 230
Guru: 1300
Master: 1080
Enlightened: 2822
Burned 2233


Madness. How do you cope with this?? My rule is 80-100 / 400-500 max. And I have no leeches. How many do you have?

I am not criticising your concept in any way, as I am sure you have your exit plan ready. Your efforts are incredible and I am in awe at your determination and discipline.

But I don’t really understand the concept.

If you cram so much in such a short time it will be in your short term memory and four months later nothing will stick. Been there done that.

Not subscribing after you hit 60 will erase your progress. So why even hit 60?

I‘d be interested to know how you plan to continue after the golden 60.

Woah more items at enlightened than burned, truly a mad level 50’er. Looking at my own numbers (at level 43) makes me wonder if I’m really lazy :sweat_smile: don’t know how much faster I really want to go tho to actually learn and remember the kanji.

apprentice: 84
guru: 271
master: 446
enlightened: 1811
burned: 3947

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but most likely I’ll start trying to read Japanese Wikipedia and subscribe to Bunpro, in addition to watching anime and listening to podcasts.


A new level, and new records for time spent and number of reviews in one day. I spent 165 minutes today or nearly three hours! I also had 552 reviews today, the first time I’ve even crossed 500.

November 21:
Level: 52
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 165 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 552
Accuracy: 82.43% (455/552)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 252
Guru: 1287
Master: 1107
Enlightened: 2840
Burned 2243


FFFF… I get disheartened when I know I will wake up to just 90 reviews… I can only imagine what it feels like going to bed with 550 for the next day…

You are, however, doing it and you are doing really well! Stick to it and the pain will be over in another 8 levels!

Keep up the amazing work!


Relatively quiet day today - only 84 minutes on WK.

November 22:
Level: 52
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 84 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 364
Accuracy: 81.87% (298/364)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 277
Guru: 1266
Master: 1132
Enlightened: 2841
Burned 2249

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November 23:
Level: 52
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 85 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 411
Accuracy: 77.37% (318/411)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 264
Guru: 1299
Master: 1097
Enlightened: 2860
Burned 2261

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November 24:
Level: 52
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 75 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 366
Accuracy: 78.69% (288/366)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 253
Guru: 1327
Master: 1097
Enlightened: 2862
Burned 2270


Keep up the great work! You will get there!

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Total madness!

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For some reason, I had a lot more burn reviews come up today than normal, particularly radicals and kanji, and I got a lot more of them right than usual as well. This means I managed to burn 30 items today, compared to 157 in the entire two weeks before today.

November 25:
Level: 53
Total time spent on Wanikani today: 133 minutes
Reviews in the last day: 501
Accuracy: 86.63% (434/501)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 234
Guru: 1337
Master: 1132
Enlightened: 2846
Burned 2300


Considering your speed and the amount of reviews you plough through every day, your retention is stellar! Awesome :clap:

What extension do you use to know how much time you spent on Wanikani? I can’t find it.

Thanks :cowboy_hat_face: