[Delvin] What is wrong with that website?

The Furigana for the numbers in this sentence are completely wrong! (じゅう missing on 15 and 34)
Maybe this is supposed to avoid confusion for beginners but I’m sure this website was about listening practice and not about learning the numbers wrong. (The audio has the correct pronounciaton btw)

I’ve had other instances where the audio mismatched the “correct answer” e.g. くん / きみ

I thought that was simply a mistake, perhaps they are using a bad algorithm to add the Furigana?

I really have no idea why this is the way it is. If you are using DelvinLanguage as well, how do you deal with this? Or maybe I am wrong and this is how Furigana works with bigger numbers? I’m puzzled.

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I had a similar experience with a site called LingQ, which promises to keep track of the words you’ve encountered in text you import to it… and their algorithm for parsing Japanese is horrendous. Worse than useless, it’s distractingly wrong.

I’ve never seen this Delvin thing, but if it’s teaching you incorrect Japanese, drop it like it’s hot.

Yes they do get it wrong every now and then. But you have the audio anyway, so you’ll catch those pretty easily, it’s not you’re dependent of the furigana in any way.

@Leebo Thanks for the advice. I’m using the site mainly for listening practice, so I will proceed with caution.

@banira From what I have seen, the most mistakes are in the N4 words. I’ll have to see if it’s good enough once I study those more.

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