Delayed vocab lessons?

Vocabulary appear in lesson queue once you guru the kanji correct?
Ive noticed a few times I have vocab from earlier levels showing up.
Im on level 8, trying to finish level 7 vocabulary but I just had 小声 show up.
but this would be from level 5? and 声 is in master status 小 being enlighten. So why would this word just now show up in lesson queue.
Maybe im not understanding how it works.

I also get tons of vocabulary right after level up, though that’s a different topic.

If anyone could explain this better for me or maybe why this is happening that would be awesome.
Thank you

It’s a level 7 item. So it’s in level 7. Even though its constituent kanji are earlier. You don’t unlock every possible word when you guru a kanji, they are still associated with various levels.

You can ask why they put it in level 7 instead of level 5… I guess the thing (especially with the early levels) is that the basic, early kanji tend to make LOTS of words. The kanji from the later levels tend to make fewer words. So things would be really heavily weighted if you just unloaded every possible word every time you guru’d kanji.


Ah that makes a lot of sense, I’m not sure why I didn’t notice that.

I have a similar question: why’s 主 not taught as a vocab item on its own until level 30, when you learn the kanji in level 4?


Well, they do teach 主 (おも) in level 4, but for some reason they slap に on it. Maybe because they knew they wanted to teach ぬし later and they were worried about the overlapping readings thing.

Without that technical limitation, they should have taught おも and ぬし without any particles, I think, but the whole multiple readings thing probably explains the weirdness.

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