Day/thing counters grammar

The day and things counters I seem to always forget. 二日 三日 etc etc
Ill learn them sooner or later after they just brute force into my brain
I am curious though, how much of a noob would I sound if I said 二の日 (ninohi)
Would that even make sense to a native speaker?
Also not covered by wanikani well not so far that ive seen, is beyond 10.
Could I say 四十の日 ?

After 10, it’s mostly sane - on’yomi + にち. じゅういちにち, じゅうににち and so forth.

Exceptions are:

Because etymology!

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It’s completely wrong lol but maybe 二つの日 etc is suitable for counting the numbers of days (2 days) but I don’t know if it works or not.

Super nooby. I’m not entirely sure they would even understand this, so it’s best to just work on memorizing the actual words. They’ll stick sooner or later.

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The possessive property of の was explained to me as largely equivalent to the English 's

Sakura’s bag

“Second’s day” doesn’t really exist, grammatically, so I think it would cause confusion to say that. ^^

Nah, that’s a perfectly valid construction, though it needs to be [number] [counter word] の [noun]. 二万人の大学生 = twenty thousand university students.

Even that apparently has exceptions, mind, as in the name of the game 二ノ国.

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