Dashboard says I have a review Available Now, but I don't

I finished a review about 10 minutes ago. My dashboard says review Available Now. The circle up top has a zero in it. When I click it, I get sent to my last Review Summary. When I go back to my Dashboard from there, it says <1 minute for a review. Then the cycle continues. I have refreshed the Dashboard 10 times, and even logged out and logged back in. What do I do?

It has happened a few times to me as well. My guess is that something is out of sync. It usually resolves itself in a couple of minutes. Just mildy annoying.

Yeah it happens sometimes. Sometimes refreshing works and sometimes it doesn’t. It is mildly annoying, but shouldn’t affect you otherwise. Your next batch of reviews will still come at the correct time.

Ok, it straightened itself out. Thanks.

I had this happen yesterday, 2 items for review but just a summary when the tried to do them. Sorted itself out in 5 mins.
But quite frustrating as I just reset and I didn’t want two reviews holding up my progress.

This happens to me often after I’ve finished a review. It takes a reload or two for the SRS info to kick in.

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