Next Review Incorrect


For some reason the status for my next review on the dashboard is displaying an impossible value.

For the technically inclined:

<time class="timeago" datetime="1490290200" title="Thu Mar 23 2017 17:30:00 GMT+0000 (GMT)">about 16 hours ago</time>


I think normally you get this when you have outstanding reviews but WK hasnt registered that they are done. Do you use multiple devices?


Do you have reviews available at the moment ?
If it is the case, I think you had your internet browser open more than 16 hours ago, and thus it tells you that new reviews have been waiting for you for 16 hours already :wink:
If you don’t have any reviews to do, did you try refreshing the webpage?


Yeah. However, since last night I’ve only been using my phone, and finished the last review about an hour ago.


Log out and in again on your phone then clear the cache on your browser and see if it updates it that way. Like @Timelinker said though you might need to refresh the browser if it was left open (but I think clearing the cache might refresh it).


Restarting the session did it.


Good to see it got sorted out!

For reference the relative time is based on the timestamp and your system time. If the user’s OS clock is off, then the relative time will be off.