Dashboard Numbers Don't Add Up

There’s something that’s been nagging and it may just be that I’m missing something simple. When I look at the dashboard progress bar, it tells me X of Y Kanji Passed. But the number it gives and the number of Kanji I see down below don’t match. It’s really not a big deal, and it doesn’t affect my progress, but it just enough to irritate me. If I could only know WHY, it wouldn’t bother me so much.


You only need 90% of the kanji on a level to level-up. That’s the discrepancy in numbers. :slight_smile:


As @ekg said, that bar doesn’t display the total amount of kanji that a level has, it displays the amount of kanji that you have to guru to level up (which is, as she said, 90% of the kanji that a level has).


Not sure how clear is it mentioned “on the website”, but the pinned topic on the forum says

Particularly, How Do I Level Up? | WaniKani Knowledge

The specific number of kanji you need to get to Guru is shown on your progress bar and changes with each level. For example, you need to get 17 kanji to Guru out of the total 18 kanji for Level 1. Once you hit this number and the progress bar fills up, you will level up!


Yeah it’s confusing. If it counted ALL the kanji on the level, you would need 90% of the progress bar. Instead, the progress bar counts 90% of the level’s kanji. That is, it already subtracted 10%. So to level up, you need 100% of the progress bar (which is 90% of the kanji).


Got it! Thanks everyone.

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You don’t add up man.