Potential Level 1 Progress Bar Counting Error

The progress bar on the dashboard currently tells me I’ve passed 16 of 17 kanji. However, there are 18 kanji on the level. It should say 16 of 18. Unless it’s trying to do the 88% or whatever it was that is the mark to move on, but if that’s the case it should give some indication of that somewhere.

Yes, there’s 18 total, but 17 needed to graduate to the next level. (90%)

That was my second guess at why it was counting 17. But there really should be some kind of indication that that’s what it’s counting, especially at level one. Maybe label it “Progress to next level” or “Progress to 90%”. “Level 1 Progress” seems to imply the amount of progress made on level 1 material to me.

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If you mouse over it then it’ll give you those types of details. I don’t know what the new user experience is like anymore but it really should explain these things.

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I didn’t know there was a mouseover. That’s something at least. I usually use mobile, and never really think to “mouseover” things on mobile.

Edit: I just checked and you can’t tap the bar on mobile.

I wouldn’t know about mobile, I thought most people used unofficial apps for that. For me if I mouse over it says:

“To finish level 60, you need to pass 29 of 32 kanji in Level 60. To pass a kanji, do your lessons and reviews when they are available. With each correct answer, you’ll notice the bar under each radical and kanji fill up. Fill them all the way up to get them to passing.”

The dashboard is new, so I imagine these issues will be smoothed out as the team becomes aware of them. The fact mine still talks about leveling up when I’m at max is also probably something that should get fixed, though maybe it changes after I complete the kanji.

As this is a new version of the interface, I think it is also important to give feedback as to the usability.

I love the new implementation - but - I agree that in terms of reflecting the progress towards completing a level it is a bit confusing. As a matter of fact, i got to this thread trying to figure why I’m not crossing - and got an answer. Still, I suggest to iterate just a bit more.

BTW - I also use the web version on a mobile device from time to time - it is quite good and usable!

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I agree it is confusing. I came here to report a bug only to discover it is actually a feature. Should be obvious what it is saying without having to mouse over. Something like:

XX of YY kanji passed. ZZ (90%) needed to get to next level.

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