Customized List for Kanji-Radical-Vocab

Does Wani Kani Premium feature allows making list of ‘‘Customized List for Kanji or Radical or Vocab’’ ?
I want to focous on specific list per my memory/common/JLPT level.
I strongly feel this is lacking, Is it possible?
Thanks in advance !

The rest of the WK experience is exactly like level 3. There is no skipping kanji or movimg vocab down, since it all builds on eachother. You can check the contents per level to see where everything is.

As for jlpt kanji, you’ll have learned most of N5 and N4 by level 20. And N3 and N2 by level 40. You’ll have learned some N1 kanji already, though.

As for vocab, you’ll learn some N5 vocab relatively late, because N5 doesn’t require you to know all kanji, but per definition WK will teach you the kanji in order of difficulty/number of strokes. You’ll definitely need outside sources for learning jlpt vocab.


This is not built-in in Wanikani. The premium site does not offer more functionality than what you can see in the free levels. You just gain access to more levels.

Some userscripts can extend Wanikani to make lists. I wrote [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector that displays tables of items on the dashboard. There are filters to display items by Joyo, JPLT level or frequency. You may try it to see if it meets your needs. I think (never tried) you can install userscripts without having a paid account so you can make sure before buying. Some other tools probably exist as well but I am not familiar with them.

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Thank you.

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