WaniKani JLPT vocab comparison

Is there a page like  http://ky.is/wanikani/#data/jlpt, just with vocab?
I recently found this page here http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt5/vocab/, which contains a list of vocab needed for JLPT 5, and i would like to know how much of it is already covered in WaniKani, and what i would have to learn extra. (Not that i am ready with my current grammar level…)

There’s no such page or addon that I know of. Unfortunately you’d have to search for each vocab and compile the data yourself!
I assume you’d be so kind as to share it afterwards…

I think I know a guy who could do it. I’ll have to convince him.

I can try, this should be quite easy Python exercise (not making any promises yet)

This would be really helpful and awesome
*waiting for someone to make this ( :heart:ᴗ:heart: ) *

The overall missing N5 kanji words are the following (46 words in total):
(I used the word list from www.jlptstudy.com/N5/N5_vocab-list.html, it has slightly more items than the tanos list, and the wanikani kanji & vocab list upto level 50).

朝御飯, 飴, 在る, 入口, 上着, 大きな, お皿, 伯父, 伯母さん, お風呂, お弁当, 終る, か月, 風邪, 花瓶, 黄色い, 今朝, 玄関, 今晩, さ来年, 字引, 週間, 知る, 石鹸, 背広, 洗濯, 大使館, 台所, 小さな, 出かける, とり肉, 無くす, 温い, 始め, 晴れ, 晩御飯, 昼御飯, 毎週, 曲る, 万年筆, 八百屋, 夕方, 夕飯, 昨夜, 来週, 両親


At level 13 there are 142 words that are not yet tought, but will be covered in later levels:

遊ぶ, 暖かい, 熱い, 厚い, 危ない, 甘い, 洗う, 忙しい, 痛い, 一緒, 居る, 薄い, 映画, 映画館, 英語, 鉛筆, 大勢, お菓子, 置く, 奥さん, 押す, 遅い, お手洗い, 覚える, 降りる, 階段, 帰る, 書く, 貸す, 片仮名, 火曜日, 辛い, 借りる, 消える, 汚 い, 喫茶店, 切符, 昨日, 牛乳, 嫌い, 銀行, 金曜日, 果物, 靴下, 曇り, 曇る, 暗い, 警官, 結構, 結婚, 月曜日, 公園, 交差点, 紅茶, 子供, 御飯, 困る, 財布, 咲く, 差す, 雑誌, 砂糖, 散歩, 辞書, 静か, 質問, 自動車, 閉まる, 閉める, 締める, 写真, 授 業, 宿題, 丈夫, 食堂, 水曜日, 吸う, 涼しい, 座る, 生徒, 狭い, 掃除, 大丈夫, 大好き, 建物, 頼む, 誰か, 誕生日, 違う, 疲れる, 勤める, 冷たい, 遠い, 時計, 図書館, 飛ぶ, 友達, 土曜日, 取る, 撮る, 並ぶ, 並べる, 日曜日, 荷物, 脱ぐ, 寝る, 灰皿,  葉書, 初めて, 二十歳, 貼る, 晴れる, 弾く, 飛行機, 封筒, 吹く, 豚肉, 降る, 帽子, 欲しい, 細い, 本棚, 毎晩, 磨く, 皆さん, 難しい, 眼鏡, 木曜日, 問題, 野菜, 易しい, 郵便局, 呼ぶ, 留学生, 料理, 冷蔵庫, 練習, 廊下, 若い, 忘れる, 渡す, 渡る

Am I the only one that likes to know the word in kana first? I continuously expand my memrise deck with words I first learn in kana. It’s so much easier to burn the kanji into your memory that way.

And damn, there are way too many words in that link that I don’t know, furiously adding to deck!

So, I’ve been able to scrape N5,N4 and N2 vocab from JLPTStudy and continuing to get the missing levels from Tanos. I’ll put up the first basic version of the check till the end of June :slight_smile:

Sounds very good, thank you.

Ah thanks for the list, tomboy. That’s a nice start… i was way too lazy to compare them myself :smiley:
Looking forward to what you will be doing Ashrak.

Thank the stars I found this, I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE.

So I am necro-ing this because this topic is the closest to what I want to see.

I like the wkstats one but I did find few differences in the actual test I gave this July. I am currently leaning towards Tanos. So, I wanted to make the same level chart comparison between WK and Tanos that wkstat does with tangorin. Is there any way possible?