Back after a 6 month "vacation"

Hey guys! My life got really busy towards the end of November so I put my account on vacation mode and then… forgot about it! :scream: anyways I’m headed to Japan first week of July so I’ve turned off vacation mode and im ready to do this!

Any advice on how to get back into the swing of things? Because I was on vacation mode, I’ve only built up 200 reviews. However… I’m not remembering much of them. Should I deal with my review pile, before I start new lessons? What would you do?


Welcome back. This is going to be a personal preference thing. When I came back I pushed through the reviews, and I’m glad I did. It could take you a while to get back on track that way, so you just have to decide if it is more painful to start over, or to push through.


Send us all the photos. :smiley:

Also, pack for hot and humid weather…


Just adding to what was said above, I think the mere fact that the forum is here and there are those going through Wanikani still, might motivate you to pick it up back again (hopefully) :smile:


If this year’s July is anything like last year, it’s gonna be mega hot!

As for your question, I don’t personally have a whole lot of experience, but I think the struggle to remember will help you get back into it. You should pick it up again quickly since it’s still there in long term memory, it’ll just take a bit more work to recover the mnemonic associations.


Going to Japan in July… I went during the second to last week about 5 years ago and I got caught in a heat wave XD.

Anyways, I think you should do your reviews first but before touching the reviews, I would just scan over some kanji so I don’t feel down after getting all of the kanjis wrong.

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I got to level 6, took a year-ish off, and returned. I made the personal choice to reset to level one, as felt I could not recall enough to continue from where I was. I’m glad I did that, I actually whizzed through the first few levels at the fastest speed, and realised I remembered more than I thought. That said, I had also forgotten a lot so the memory jogger was good for me. I don’t think I would have enjoyed “pushing through” trying to remember/learn and feel like I had somehow failed by forgetting stuff…

I guess everyone’s personal preference and choice will be different in this situation. This is just my experience which I am happy with. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.


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