Correct Answers Flagged as Wrong

I have been using the app for just a single week. And I love it!
And I have a strong suspicion as to why this bug is popping up on my end.

When using a Japanese keyboard mode, with Hiragana as an input mode, you get many correct responses flagged as incorrect.

Although if you stick to a roman alphabet input mode keyboard and just allow the site to convert your roman typed sounds into hiragana, things seem to work a lot better. Better still if you use their hiragana drop down menu. I do not believe you can construct your contractions: you do need to choose them from the app dropdown as a contraction combo.

Anyway, for those who are using a japanese input mode, these errors get quite annoying. It’s no good to see your exact correct response being considered wrong just to be told that the correct answer is exactly alike.

This is something you could really improve and something that will make me think twice when deciding to purchase the full app version. Which I would be very willing to commit to.

Here’s what I mean…Advice is welcome though!


I did have problems with 入, 九, 上 and 十 , yes.
Please enlighten me regarding “small characters”. I wasn’t even aware they existed in Japanese.

It seems like you were aware of contractions, so that’s all this is a manifestation of. If you click the link I posted, it explains how the contractions are pronounced differently and how to type them (for instance jiyuu vs. jyuu or juu for 十)

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You totally answered to my prayers. I have just read your link. It explains my every doubt.
Good work, my friend! (Grateful japanese bow to you) :smiley:


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