I am new and I am not getting this at all. にゅう

So here I am, trying to learn japanese, and I get completely confused by something.

Woman is spelled in hiragana じょ. When I read my chart, this is spelled Jio. I input this, it gives me じょ, but wanikani says it’s wrong. I finally learn to type just jo, which gives me…じょ. The same thing. But this time it’s right.
I don’t know why, but I learn and move on.
And now comes enter. I learn that the hiragana for enter is にゅう. So my chart makes me spell it niyuu.
But that’s also wrong, even though it gives me the right hiragana. But how am I supposed to know these things from just the mnemonics? Wanikani doesn’t give me proper romaji to make sense of this.
So I guess I either learned how to read hiragana wrong, am not advanced enough or I’m not using wanikani properly.
Please help? thanks a lot in advance.


I am not completely sure what Kana chart you are using, but niyuu (にゆう) and nyuu (にゅう) are two different things (notice how one has a big ゆ and the other one a small ゅ ?)

Here’s are some links that might help you:


Oh you guys that makes so much sense now. I didn’t know. This will make sense someday. Thank you all for your answers, it is deeply appreciated.


You were smart to ask the question instead of staying confused! :slight_smile:


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