Core2k/6k Sentences by Wanikani Level

I have created new Core2k/6k deck sorted by WaniKani levels. This deck was created with intention to reinforce learned vocab by reading sentences and gain more words.

On front side: sentence (with furagana that appear when hover)
On back side: sentence translation, target word with translation, sentence audio, frequency

You can download it here:
Thanks to the @crihak for inspiration.


Much love for this and congrats for putting this together. It takes a lot of hours and dedication plus research, so much love for sharing this together with us :slight_smile: !

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I am assuming OP just reordered the existing 2k and 6k decks


Thanks! Good luck in your studies.

I’m curious where the kana words fit in the ordering?

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@Kumirei I spent all day writing script in Python, but you’re right. It has light changes. However, I hope it will help in studies of others. Because when I started Core2k, I was confused with amount of kanji I can’t read.

@skymaiden Kana words are in the beginning of the deck. Edit: I mean kana sentences. This deck is arranged not by words but by kanji entries in a sentence. Therefore, sometimes you can see kana words appear in a sentence that have a kanji.


What’s “frequency” meaning?

It’s based on how often words appear in newspapers.

While it is a useful data point, it won’t always match up necessarily to the frequency of the words appearing in conversation or other media. But you have to have some sort of methodology even if not necessarily perfect.

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