[UserScript] WaniKani Reviews Color Progress Bars And Real Percentage

In today’s installment of scripts that will make you feel worse, we have “WaniKani Reviews Color Progress Bars And Real Percentage”

What is it you may ask?

Why, it makes that white progress bar at the top green and red, so you can get a better idea of just how many questions you are getting wrong. And it gets even better. That percentage will now reflect your true score. The one you get at the results screen. Not that skewed higher than it really is one that is there now. You’ll even get the completed reviews separated into Correct and Incorrect.
Yes, now you will better see just how bad you’re doing. Depression +1

Oh, and theres some options too. Can turn either color bar or real percent on or off, as well as swap which is first, correct or incorrect. As well as change the height of the progress bar (I felt it was a bit small)



Cool cool cool

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