Convert Written sentences to Audio: Mass automation possible? Otherwise, database of Audio sentence (natively spoken) by JLPT?

For this one, it is AwesomeTTS.

<tts service="say" speed="175" voice="Kyoko" style="display: none">{{kanji:Japanese}}</tts>


TTS on the fly is ok, don’t really need to create audio file. On the fly mode would only work on the desktop, though.

Adding audio sentence files to multiple records is also possible, with a beautiful GUI. However, I don’t think it could add sound files to {{kanji:Japanese}}. (Can only to {{Japanese}}, in which Furigana will also be read.)

Sorry, but I couldn’t give you more than one Like. とってもとっても大好き。

Too bad, there is only one speaker woman in the this app… Her name is Kyoko.