Conversion from Firefox to Chrome

Hello all

I’ve been using Firefox for my reviews, but recently the sound has been clipping in my browser, so I’m looking at switching to Chrome until this issue is resloved.

Is there any quick ways to transfer my user scripts from Firefox to Chrome?

I’m currently using Tampermonkey in FF.

I’m guessing there’s not, but figured I’d ask just in case some tech wizard out there has conjured up some net magic for this type of thing.

^ _ ^


Wizards are real!

So yes you can do it. So I’ll just jot down how in case anyone else wants to do this later.

If you have Tampermonkey in FF, install Tampermonkey in Chrome.
In your FF Tampermonkey click on Dashboard -> Utlities Tab -> Export File
In Chrome do the same (Dashboard -> Utlities Tab ->) and choose Import Choose File
Select the exported FF file and…


You can export your collection from the utilities section of the Tampermonkey dashboard


Yep, just figured it out. ^ _ ^