Transferring Scripts from PC to Laptop

Hi all

Currently I am using Tampermonkey on Firefox for my WK scripts on my PC.

I want to use WK on my laptop (Tampermonkey on Firefox) as well. I do have my account on Firefox synced, but it doesn’t look like scripts are carried over.

So I’m thinking I have to take a screenshot of the scripts I’m running on my PC, then transfer it to my laptop, and then on my laptop manually look up each script here on the forums and download each one…

Is there any quicker way to transfer scripts from one machine to another?

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In the Tampermonkey dashboard, under Utilities, I think it’s possible to export stuff. I haven’t used it myself, so maybe that’s not what it’s for at all, but you can look into that. ^^


It worked! ^ _ ^

ありがとう! _ ( . _ . ) _

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