Don't be like me and backup your scripts

Firefox acted a bit weird, the fix was to use the ‘refresh Firefox’ option which kind of reinstalls Firefox while keeping all your settings, bookmarks etc.

Except it deletes all your addons. Including Tampermonkey and all the scripts.
Just spend an hour on finding and setting up all the scripts I was using again.
In the dashboard of Tampermonkey there’s an option on the right (Services I think, I’m using a Dutch version) and there you can easily export your scripts to a zipfile.

That at least saves you the hassle of having to find all the scripts again :slight_smile:


Utilities, for the people with English installations :slight_smile:

Good tip, I didn’t do this but I really should! Makes it easier to migrate scripts from device to device too.


You can also export your setting using


Perfect :slight_smile:

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