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Hi everyone!
Apologise in advance if it has already been asked :pray:.
I’ve just started the vocabulary lessons of level 21, the first of the Death set, and I noticed that starting from this level the context sentences are reduced from three to one.
Do you guys know why? Maybe one is more than enough, but it was nice having the three increasing in lenght and difficulty so that “oh yeah, I can translate that”, “hmm, get the sense of this”, “eeeeh? Ok, I just recognize the kana, need more kanji in the bags” :rofl:.


Yeah, from Death onward you will only get one context sentence per item. They rolled out three sentences for levels 11-20 in May 2018, I can’t speak on whether they plan to roll out more for the rest of the levels in the future, but as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work.

At the point of study you find yourself at, it’s also worth suggesting that you start to support the vocab learning with some external sentences, so doing a bit of lookup per item to find context ^-^


Thanks a lot! Yes, it sounds totally reasonable considering the amount of work behind it as you said.
Curiosity problem solved :grinning:

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My pleasure ^-^

Most answers to web development/content delivery related stuff usually boils down to “Oh boy is it a lot of work and we have so few people”


Ahahahahha, sounds very familiar to my work place :rofl:

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I sure hope they decide to add more sentences for the rest of them. They help a lot. Audio would be nice too.

Are you finding you’re missing audio somewhere?

You should find both a Kyoko(Tokyo Female) and Kenichi (Tokyo Male) audio reading for each vocabulary item.

I meant for the sentences.

Oh, I see!

That would be a lot more problematic, I think. Getting a natural sounding (not overly machine read) recording for a sentance is probably a lot more work. We can hope, of course, since BunPro has this.

This is something I also thought a lot of times!

Yeah Torii has that as well, I find it helps immensely.

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