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I’d really love level specific reading practice. I know it’s probably asking a lot but I’d love to see it and would probably pay more each month to see it implemented. Seeing kanji and vocabulary would really reinforce them. Thanks.

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If you are talking about context sentences I strongly agree. It would be great ( but maybe very difficult to apply in the early levels ) to have at least one sentence that is restricted to vocabulary that has already been learned. Even more perfect if the sentence font was made slightly larger and the relevant new item of vocabulary highlighted. Double bonus points if at least some of context sentences have audio clips. Maybe asking too much “but if you don’t ask you don’t get” :slight_smile: Like you I would be willing to pay more.

Try You can select the wanikani levels you want to see kanji from and other words will be in hiragana.


Actually, they’ve already done that. It’s in both your lessons and on the item pages, up to level 10. (The levels beyond that have not gotten revamped to only include known kanji/vocab items.) If you think they are too hard maybe you’re looking at the wrong sentence - levels 1-10 have both the old and new context sentences.

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Also to the OP there have been a lot of threads to help recommend what is good to read for your level. There is also the stats site. And Duendecat is okay.

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Thanks AnimeCanuck for your very helpful reply. That will teach me not to post without checking. I now see the first context sentences have evolved. Using much more hiragana and some katakana to make it easier for beginners (such as myself ) to understand.

Still dream of the relevant new item of vocabulary highlighted, and context sentences having audio clips. Too picky? What me? :slight_smile:

Have you tried Satori Reader? It is a website for reading practice: articles in japanese with english translation. You can link your satori reader account to your Wanikani progress, so that it will only show you the furigana(s) of kanji(s) that you have not learnt already.