Audio sentences, also by JLPT, 1000 sentences per 10 levels; compiled from WaniKani and Core 10k context sentences

That is, complied from WaniKani context sentences and Core 10k context sentences. But in this version, I sorted out things a little. I figured that it would be hard to listen without a N3 degree. In this thread, I can charge you up to N4 by level 21-30, and N3 by 31-40.

  • Level 21-30
  • WaniKani context sentences, level 1-10, Kanji not exceeding level 30
  • This is just a test run for listening
  • Level 31-40
  • Core 10k Kanji context sentences, Kanji (in the sentence, not in the vocab) within level 31-40, Set01-03 only
  • Simply, I just don’t want this to overlap with that thread.
  • Level 41-50
  • Level 51-60
  • Level 61-70
  • Jtest4you N1 sentences, sound generated by AwesomeTTS add-on for Anki
  • Old level 41-50, 51-60 and 61-70 are in the sub deck Xtra, in case AwesomeTTS fails
  • Level 71-80
  • You had better listen to some native material by now, so no more…

(Dropbox link will take a while to upload, so the file might not be available yet today.)

Sorry, I updated. But I promise I will use it, to ensure least bug.

Oops, I updated again, just to prevent overlapping with that thread. About whether this should be a success, the easiest way is I suggest you follow DaisukeJigen’s recommendation, if I should fail.

Upload, success… I wonder how many people have I shamed this time?

No change to the card anymore, just update the template… Also need Multi-Line Input Box add-on for Anki. Damn, I suck at listening. Reading is much easier.

I checked that the upload is done before posting the update.

Audio deck by JLPT is a success. I don’t bother creating N3, N4, N5 version, though. Only N2 and N1 here.


Now, I really want more database of N1 and N2 sentences.

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