Vocabs moved from higher level only have 1 example sentence

The vocabs using the kanji 詳 were moved from level 30 to level 17.

Now they only have one example sentence each.

Can this be fixed, please?

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Email them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Such a rebel.

And so it shall remain.

This thread also functions as a test to see how long they take to react to bug reports.

Within a week if you email them.

I’ve added sentences to the three vocab that moved. @nyantron could you tag me in these so it’s easier for me to see them? :slight_smile:

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Will do in future, ta!

Vocabs with kanji 僕 and 劇 also suffer from the same problem.

Perhaps @oldbonsai could do a quick API search for all vocabs on level 1-20 that only have 1 example sentence?

These should all be fixed now. :ok_hand:

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