Consider adding a neutral SFW theme that doesn't require 3rd party scripts

I understand that a big cornerstone of WK is the 3rd party development. One thing that bothers me though, is the lack of a native option to change the color scheme.

I work at a large company that does government contracts. They take infosec very seriously, and as a result of that- for better or for worse, I can’t install scripts on my computer. What this means is, even on my lunch-break, or during some down-time, I can’t pull up my reviews without neon colors flashing all over and making it really obvious what I’m doing.

I’d imagine this is also a problem for anyone using a shared workstation, at a library, and so on.

Basically, I’d like to see a simple toggle in the options to switch to a muted, grey-scale color scheme. It’s a small change, but I think it would be well received.

What do you think?


I can’t speak for the WK dev team, but perhaps one reason they’re hesitant to do this is because the colors play a fairly important role in helping people distinguish radicals, kanji, and vocab, especially in the beginner days. So if they were to implement other color options, or a plain toggle even, there may be additional confusion with people trying to distinguish different items during reviews.

Definitely something I didn’t consider. In that case, rather than a pure greyscale scheme, in that case- maybe a muted pink/purple/blue, rather than a bright neon version?

The muted script exists!

It’s the old one that Kristen linked in the other thread. (SFW I in the title of the script.)

EDIT: I forgot which thread I was in…

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