Commissioning someone to write a user script

Hello fellow kanjinauts.

I would like to commission a brave soul to make a user script that I need (commission = I will pay for your time and effort) - of course after the creation the user script will be free for anyone in the community to use.

I do not want to be that guy who sends a request into the air expecting someone to make it happen, this is why I thought I would make (what I think is) a fair proposal. I was willing to study myself and try to write the script, but unfortunately daytime job and Japanese learning eat all my time…

Script summary: I have a light form of color synesthesia, meaning that certain colors come associated with sounds. For example, to me, “kyuu” is a deep purple, “kyou” is sky blue and “ka” is red. It would be immensely helpful to have a user script where I can set the background color of a kanji to its onyomi. Of course the quiz page would be grey.

Anyone up for the task?

PS: Let me clarify that if I am committing any faux pas here I am really sorry, since I am not aware of such a request being against the WK forum rules. If it is, I’ll just take the post down

Cheers and have a great weekend


As an electronic engineering student, I am very much into programming, I’ve learned how to write programs in applied maths and engineering such as for numerical simulations, finite element method and object orientated programming.

I’ve never programmed a script, but I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands and I would be interested in such a project. If you’re not time pressed and if it’s okay for you to get someone without prior experience then I want to do it, more to learn about it and to help the community than for the money which is nice too

In the affirmative case, I would just need someone with prior experience to point me to a good place where I can learn the particularities of script writing and I’ll get on it, I’m pretty self taught in this sort of thing.



Did you know that the whole API is documented? There is a link at the bottom of your dashboard page that says “API”. Looking at that will give you a good start.


Besides looking at the API documentation as suggested below, I recommend to install some useful scrip-- such as the self-study quiz-- and then go to Tampermonkey (the icon should be on your browser) > Settings > click on the script to read/edit is code.

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thanks for the tips! I guess I’ll get right on it then!

Hi, thanks a lot for the reply!
I am not time pressed - I have at least one more year of WK ahead of me :smiley:

Let’s tackle this together then, and we can also put some goals (no deadlines, just “milestones” of the script actually doing something!) tied to a compensation/prize if you are OK with it. This way you can also have continuous encouragement :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know when you feel a bit comfortable with the user-script format and we can start!


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