Stealthy way to do WK without userscripts?

Is there some webpage using WK api to do reviews without this big purple and green/red squares?

I have job where I have time to knock some reviews during the day so I am not overwhelmed in the evening. And while these graphics are not stopping me, it would be more comfortable with text only solution :smiley: . I know there is a userscript with tapermonkey addon, but I am not allowed to add addons to my chrome in work.

Do you have AdBlock at work? Maybe block the elements that have the color.

If you’re not allowed to add addons to chrome, then I’m afraid there’s no real solution to this. What I do at work is shrink the browser window as much as I can and place it in a corner of my screen. It doesn’t really attract much attention that way and I can look at work things on the rest of the screen.

Another solution would be to just do everything on your phone instead of PC.


This is what I used to do - just shrink the window down until it’s as small as possible without blocking the web app. Worked pretty well for me. I also have side panels on my desk that makes it easier to block stuff. And turn the screen brightness way down. :smiley:

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If I recall correctly, someone had a command-line version a while ago. Doesn’t help though, since you can’t install anything.

Maybe if you had a custom CSS style sheet that made the page look and feel more “professional” while still doing the same thing. Yeah, but Stylish is still a chrome extension.