Connection lost, after typing too fast in review

Hey guys and girls,
so while doing reviews at a certain speed, I experience several connection losses. If i want to reconnect too fast, an error code pops up, which indicates, that I did too many inputs in a short amount of time.
Do you also experience this? And might it be link to having several scripts, which need to reload?

Hope you can help me out here! ^^

I haven’t experienced this before with WK. What device, browser, and scripts are you using? There are WK apps that exist, but they’re unofficial (so not supported by the creators of WK). Are you doing reviews while at home, or while out and about with a potentially spotty connection?


Hey there,
I am using Chrome as browser. My Scripts are:

I am only doing reviews from my computer at home.

Hmm, you’re running a bunch of scripts, so it’s possible that some combination isn’t playing nice. I’ve personally never heard anyone mention this about vanilla WK

Easiest way to know is to experiment by turning (selective) scripts off during review sessions to see if the problem goes away.

Hope you can find a solution!

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Yeah, the good old trial and error it is then. ^^
Thank you anyways!

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