My WK is too strong for WK (Or how I can't do any reviews anymore, sometimes)

Hi team,

Looks like I’ve hit some sort of software cap that makes impossible the review screen to be loaded.
I have many burned items and many reviews:

When I clic on reviews, this happens:

But then sometimes it loads, with a strange result showing all the items being done on the last session:


First thing: try clearing cache.
Also, disable userscripts (if any) to see if that helps.
Then open the Dev Tools (press F12) and click on the Console tab to see if there are any errors reported there.

If none of that helps, send email to for faster response. It may turn out to be a temporary service outage.


Thanks. It’s on a computer I never logged on wk, with no userscripts.
It is not temporary so I’ll send an email. :slight_smile:

Hey whinette! Did you end up sending an email about this issue?

-Nick at WK


Hi @WaniConti, no I haven’t yet!

Okay no worries! Take your time. I assume you are still experiencing the issue?

-Nick at WK

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