Confusion about 「の出る」

I’ve been reading through a kid’s book of Momotaro, and I came across this:


How is the ”力の出る” functioning here? I get the general meaning, that these are dango that give you power/bring out your power. But I don’t understand why the particle の is being used, rather than something like 「力を出すきびだんご」. Is 「の出る」some structure I just haven’t seen before? Thank you in advance!! :bowing_man:

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力の出る is a subclause, because it’s modifying きびだんご. Normally, it would be written 力が出る, but in subclauses が can be (and often is) changed to の.


In this case の is used in the same way as が.
Something like, Kibidango that makes power to come out.


Ahhh that’s good to know about subclauses! Thank you!!