What is the function of の in this sentence?


I don’t quite understand the function of the の particle in this sentence. I would really appreciate if someone can break it down and explain it.

What is 由子園? I could see 甲子園 making sense.

Well, we can just ignore it for now and still answer anyway since 出場 is the important part.

I would say it’s an appositive の, the same as you would see in ともだちのマイク, “my friend Mike” or “Mike who is my friend.”

Translating it literally would end up being kind of strange… “my dearest wish of appearing” or “appearing, which is my dearest wish” but at the very least, I think that’s the kind of の it is.


it is 甲子園. I am Dyslexic even in japanese :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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