Confused? Plz Help

Hey guys! Im new in joining the WaniKani Community :3 but im kind of confused as to if this site helps on getting pronunciation. For example, i am on level one with ground as one of the radicals. I dont know what the pronunciation for ground is but isnt that something i should know?

Radicals are just used to help you in the future. They’re just the basic building blocks of other kanji and vocabulary in WaniKani. So you need to know them, but the radicals themselves don’t come with pronunciation. Later, the kanji come with readings and vocabulary will have a specific reading/pronunciation too.


The radicals are just pieces that make up kanji, so they don’t have their own pronunciation. Once you learn enough radicals, you’ll start to learn actual kanji which will have meanings and readings. I hope I helped clear up your confusion a little…

It seems like you haven’t read the guide, so take a look at that so you can understand how WK works and if you still have questions you can check if it’s already in the FAQ.

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