Need tips for learning kanji and words pronunciation

Hi guys,
I am a beginner in Japanese learning a few things
Need some advice/help

1)I can able to study kanji and progress with anki,memrise app and Heisenberg book,but I am having hard time when coming to learning pronunciation and remembering the multiple meanings for the kani,how you guys overcome this when you are studying ?

2)do you guys studied the radicals before learning kanji ?

  1. is there any place I can find the Japanese pronunciation of Japanese words in English?

Hi there. Have you started using WaniKani yet? One of the main features of WK is the mnemonics, which help you both with the meaning and pronunciation of kanji and vocabulary. And the ordering is radicals first, and once you have shown you know the radical well enough (“guru” level), you will be able to learn the kanji for that radical. Then finally, vocabulary using that kanji. I personally find the mnemonics to be the best way to help remember the readings and meanings, and occasionally make up my own. Others here have other methods that help them.

Good luck!

No apprentice items, so it doesn’t look like it.

Yeah, I would say, just start and see how it goes.

In an English-Japanese dictionary? Were you expecting something else?

@Leebo I already have jsho dictionary where I can find Japanese equivalent meaning in English ,but not Japanese pronunciation in English.

Do you know Hiragana and Katakana? Once you know those two, you don’t need to have words transliterated.

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The way you worded it, you want to know how something like karate (pronounced ka-RA-tee in English) is pronounced in Japanese. If you look up karate in a Japanese dictionary, you’ll find からて. That’s the pronunciation.

@konekush yes I have learned hiragana and katakana ,I am trying kanji now.

@Leebo may be I am using wrong dictionary can you suggest some other dictionary where I can see like the pronunciation that you mentioned ?

Something like this? Though I can’t really imagine a Japanese dictionary that wouldn’t have the pronunciation.


@leebo You’re awfully patient today :clap:


Any tips about how you learnt multiple meanings pronunciation and radicals for kanji ?


I already snapped in the NSFW-mode topic.


Ok guys I will explore this site and share my comments.

Get a headstart on vocab. Learn vocab and pronunciation first even before learning Kanji. I do EN->kana on Anki and look up everything in

Remember all Kun-based vocab for the Kanji (that is, Kun reading PLUS okurigana). Also, remember all vocab in Japanese explanation of the Kanji –

If you have studied Chinese a little, you should know that you don’t have to know any radicals at all. (You will start with more complex characters out of the blue.) However, to differentiate between Kanji, to prevent writing a wrong Kanji, this is where radicals come in.

Thanks pol for your advice my Japanese studying goal is long term so I decided to start with radicals.
Also I have found genki book as useful one it contains Japanese pronunciation in English for the vocabularies.

I never knew about the sites you posted thanks for sharing.

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