hello everyone,

i’m a bit lost and confused about something in radicals.

in the lesson section when learning the english meaning, should i press every button that shows up in the “examples” tab and read through it or what?

i mean like, so far i’ve only seen english meanings and the radicals itself but when will i learn how to pronounce the radical (like pronouncing hiragana)?

Radicals don’t have pronunciations. They’re pieces that put together form a kanji, which have pronunciations. (many kanji are made up of one radical, but still)
If a kanji has the ‘water’ radical in it, the kanji probably relates to water somehow, etc.


You could think of it like this: Radicals are the puzzle pieces that put together Kanji, which do have pronunciation, (we also call them ‘readings’.) The Kanji you will learn has both readings and meanings (for kanji, its the on’yomi reading). If you keep at it, over the next week or so you’ll see what I mean, and after that there is vocabulary, which would be how you say a respective word in Japanese (kun’yomi reading). I don’t know if this well help you, sorry if it was a bit confusing to follow.


You have to get radicals to guru to get their associated kanji unlocked.


thnaks for the quick reply, i get it now

no, it wasn’t confusing at all also, it helped alot, thank you

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