Confused about things like age


i am wondering which one you should use when writing how old you are cause:

there is 年齢 as years old


there is 〜才 as years old

how do you know when to use which?


When you’re talking about how old you are, you’d say ~才 or ~歳 (both are pronounced さい)

年齢 is more like “age”



so you never use 〜才 in writing then?


才 is taught to children, 歳 is taught later on. Since 才 is easier to write, you’ll see it in handwritten notes and stuff, but when typing, 歳 is more common.


歳 or 才 is used as a suffix when giving someone’s age, e.g. 41歳
年齢 is a noun that means age in the sense of “years old”.


thx, makes at lot more sense now


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