Genki I: Chapter 2 Question

I am currently working through chapter two of the Genki I workbook (3rd edition).
On page 29 exercise 5 number task 1 question 2 is says “Ms. Tanaka is twenty years old. Mr. Yoshida is twenty years old, too.” The answer is “たなかさんははたちです。よしださんもはたちです”.
I wonder about the word “twenty” in the context of age. Isn’t it “はたちさい” or does twenty always stay without a “さい”?


According to Jisho, はたち is an exception that already includes the counter for age.

Written in kanji, this word becomes 二十歳, the last kanji 歳 representing the counter for age which usually has the reading さい for other numbers.


Thank you very much!

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