Complete opposite meaning accepted

I just accidently typed “to begin something” for the vocab word 終える. As soon as I hit enter, I knew I screwed up. So imagine my shock when I saw green and “your answer was a bit off.”

Yeah, just a bit.

I know they’re trying to give us more leeway with answers but come on! Has anyone run into anything like this before?


Circle of life, bruh. The beginning is the end. No need to be pedantic :eyes:.




We have a whole thread: Your worst typos WK has accepted :sweat_smile:

And in case you let the WK team know they look into it. A lot of “typos” reported over there have been reflected regularly in the weekly content updates.

As for your example: my guess is it is because of the overall structure “to ~~ something” the difference between end and begin is not significant enough to be automatically detected as a wrong answer. But the team can add wrong answers manually to the block list.

@Mods maybe have a look into it :slight_smile:


It happens from time to time, they do have a blocklist for these types of items. @Mods I think this is probably an item for the blocklist :grin:


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end


Now I have to figure out if you read Roman stoicism or just like the song “Closing Time.”

Although really, either is perfectly acceptable.

Only closing time Lol

But I’ll glance over Roman stoicism to see what it is about.

I’ve added ‘to begin’ and ‘to begin something’ to the block list so you shouldn’t have this issue anymore!


Wow, you all are quick! Thank you!

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