Complete list of Japanese verbs on CoolJugator

Hi people!

I have just found this page by chance and thought that maybe, it could be a good tip to be shared here. There is a list with 5902 japanese verbs with examples of usage etc. and the explanations are very detailed and appear in Kanji, romaji and in English. Moreover, there are also other languages available on the page. I hope it to be helpfull for someone here.

Complete list of Japanese verbs on CoolJugator




I decided to check out a random entry and I can’t imagine this would be a helpful page to anyone who doesn’t know this word already.

But maybe other ones are better.

I know this is a long time later but I actually did find this really helpful. Being able to toggle between kanji and hiragana is great!. Also, the way they lay out the conjugations is very helpful for me. Anything new is something you didn’t have before, right? :slight_smile:

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