Aeron Buchanan's Verb Chart

Can someone please talk me through how to use this chart?

thank you!


There’s a lot of info packed on there! How exactly are you wanting to try to use it?

I doubt anyone would use this to learn anything or conjugate on the fly (although you could). It’s good for reference though. Just follow the arrows and bubble contents from the ichidan or godan verbs starting points to your desired conjugation.

Use Wanikani verbs when looking at this chart.
As you’re already level 21, I assume you know some verbs.
Pay attention to the verbs on your next review.

う column / dictionary form
Do some verbs end with う such as う つ る む ぬ ふ く / ぐ す?
Read the examples given under the boxes.
Remove the last hiragana and attach it to any of the endings to make it mean that.

い column
Change to ます form, remove the ます.

I would read pg2 first on how to conjugate verbs first.
Non-past, negative, past…

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This makes my head hurt. It just looks overly complicated.

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I find the second page to be a really helpful reference sheet. Awesome!

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It really does! Hopefully I can make sense of it

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I see! Thanks so much!

@Saruko I want to use it as a quick reference, if i forget or get stuck on something. Just trying to make head or tail of it really!

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hahaha I have noticed that before!

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@rbsaito I love Hanabi, the anime and the theme songs!
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OMG! Thank you. You just read my mind. Yesterday I was thinking that I wanted something for quick references on conjugation et voilà! :smiley:

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Im a simple person. I like people who likes hanabi.

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