Recognizing Kanji/vocabulary while listening

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I am thinking that for each vocabulary/kanji why we don’t have a third card of listening at review setion. In details, after listening a vocabulary/kanji, I need to input the meaning. In this way, I am able to practice reading, listening & speaking.


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Japanese has a lot of homophones… i.e. they sound the same, but are different words, like “here” and “hear”. That makes it difficult to quiz without additional context.

Nonetheless, the Self-Study Quiz script lets you quiz on vocab audio, as does, and I think there’s another site but I can’t remember the name right now.

edit: Here’s the thread about the other site:

Presumably because WaniKani wants to do the thing that they are focused on, and just do that thing well. Making a listening practice app would be a whole new project, since it creates all different challenges from a reading app.

You might be interested in the website SuperNative though.

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I use @rfindley 's self study quiz with listening training.

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