[Closed] Genki 1 & Genki 2 Study Group with Native Japanese Volunteers in Second Life starting January 2022

Hi, I would also like to join the Genki 1 Study Group, but of course my account was also only created today, so it would be very nice if you could pass my name along as well.
My account name is Wildstar0

I’m super excited for this. It will probably be really helpful for me. I’m a little bit scared that I will embarass myself at some point like I used to do in english-classes in school, but that will just make me work harder. Luckily the timeslot works really well for me as i am in germany. :smiley:


I sent you a message already, but I’ll leave my username here as well just in case. It’s lacymm and I’d like to join the Genki 2 group. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! :relaxed:

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I am also interested. I just made an account.

My name is bananaatama


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And just wondering, how do we get to Nihongo Tea Room in SL? I went to Japan Land? (Hiroba) But I don’t really know where to go for the Saturday.

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Don’t worry about joining in later whenever you have the time. I first joined this study group when they were in the middle of Genki 1 textbook too and there wasn’t much problem. As long you’re able to catch up with the lessons after doing your own studies, it’s okay even if you pop in only once in a while.

If you wish to come earlier than 2 weeks from now, just say hello via IM in Second Life (my username is Haruka Flores) and I’ll pass your name to be added in the safelist.

@Wildstern @Lacymm @RobSolo

I’ve sent your Second Life usernames to the Nihongo Tea Room owner too! Hope to see all of you very soon!

And just wondering, how do we get to Nihongo Tea Room in SL? I went to Japan Land? (Hiroba) But I don’t really know where to go for the Saturday.

Maybe this link will bring you there. If not, you may search for Nihongo Tea Room manually under the Second Life search function (you may also refine your search under Places).

Hope that helps and see you soon!

Thank you to those who have responded earlier here in this thread and via Second Life’s IM. If you’ve sent me a message there, I’ve read them and gave your Second Life username to the Nihongo Tea Room owner. Sorry for my late response there as I only login once a week on average and will try to reply ASAP, but rest assured that your username is being added to the safelist.

The same goes for anyone who has expressed their interest to join under this thread. You’ve been added to the list and we’ll be waiting for you to come over to Second Life with your registered SL username. It would be great if you could edit your reply here and write your SL username too.

If it’s not too much, mentioning your country would help too (Nihongo Tea Room owner is making a list of participants in Excel) - but it’s not compulsory if you’re concerned about privacy in this forum as we’ll have our introductions in class anyway, so it could be added later.

And the most important but unfortunate announcement is that I’ll have to end any more new registrations for now, or there might not be enough space in Nihongo Tea Room garden for everyone who has responded earlier (the owner joked that we might need a stadium! :sweat_smile:). We worry it might be hard to have a good learning experience if it’s too crowded.

But if there’s any new openings, I’ll definitely post again. The least crowded option at the moment is the weekly Shiritori Japanese x English Language exchange activity every Friday at 10.30pm JST. It’s happening in Nihongo Tea Room as well, and I think you don’t have to register or give your Second Life username to join this activity.

It is less-structured compared to learning via Genki textbook but it will be good as another Japanese speaking exercise. This activity has the most Japanese native speakers attending in Nihongo Tea Room due to them wanting to brush up their English while casually teaching you Japanese.

Sincere apology for those who aren’t able to join this Genki study group anymore but I personally think there are more efficient ways to learn Japanese than this. All the best in everyone’s learning journey and thank you for your time reading this. :bowing_woman:

I’ll be adding this same announcement at the top of this thread.

I don’t know how to manually close a thread, so I’m just gonna try my luck and tag Mods for this. Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance!


Closed, thank you!