[Closed] Genki 1 & Genki 2 Study Group with Native Japanese Volunteers in Second Life starting January 2022

I haven’t explored much of the other Japanese sims in Second Life since I’m not confident yet in joining in the conversations or typing in complete Japanese. But this link has many events that are organised by native Japanese in Second Life, so you might be able to find some that’s closer to your timezone. It’s all written in Japanese though, and that’s another reason why I haven’t dare to explore deeper for now.

And just to give a heads up, not all places in Second Life uses Voice Chat, so it might defeat your purpose for speaking practice. However, that could be good for fast paced text-chat style typing practice instead, if that’s part of your learning goal too.

Regarding other audio practice, maybe the resources list below could be of help.

Thank you for your the suggestion with Japanese the Manga Way textbook to Lswan too. I’ve only tried Genki textbook so I don’t have any leverage to compare other textbooks that might be better for others.